Monday, July 1, 2013

She Reigns Supreme

Is there anything Helen Mirren can't do? I say this about Meryl Streep too. Wow, can you imagine them in something together?

I saw the National Theatre Live in HD broadcast of The Audience. This starred Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II over several decades during her weekly private meetings with her prime ministers. The author of the play is Peter Morgan, who also wrote the screenplay for The Queen (2006), for which Mirren won the Oscar.

As predicted, the performance was fabulous. Mirren's quick changes of look, from 80-year-old monarch to 26-year-old monarch and so forth, got the audiences' approval. I was moved by the passage of time, the lessons learned, the characters that came and went. It's being repeated in cinemas around this time I believe, so there's still time to catch this show. Although I understand it's coming to Broadway too, so there you go!

Image "borrowed" from the National Theatre's site.


Neighbors of Wellington Hills said...

Broadway will present the story with a few minor changes...the Beefeaters,the Queen's Life Guards and the Royal Gardeners will now have singing and dance parts.


G said...

Perhaps the Rockettes can do a Beefeaters kick line. I would pay to see that. Almost.