Monday, August 19, 2013

Attach Drool Cups

When I was in Haliburton, one of this blogger's best friends made us a home-made egg McMuffin sandwich. Which, of course, is a bajillion times better than the bought variety. An English muffin is toasted, while a slice of peameal bacon and an egg cook. They're layered with a slice of cheese, which softens when sandwiched in that heat. Add pepper if desired; you sure won't need salt. That's it folks. OMG, attach my drool cup!

When I came home, my parents were over the following Sunday for breakfast and made these for them. I scored big points. Thanks, D!

Pictured top left: D's original, and obviously the prototype which cannot be bettered. Beside it is the slab of peameal I brought home, to be sliced to thicknesses of my choosing. Bottom left: the startled eggs ask, "We donated our bodies to WHAT??!" Bottom right: my version, slightly obscene with its tongue of buttered egg, and another of chewy bacon. Not quite as visually perfect as D's... but ALL GOOD NONETHELESS.


Unknown said...

Whyyyyyy did I have to look at these photos right before bed?! Whyyyyyy?! ;)

G said...

I don't know why!? :) heh heh