Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kawarthas, 2013... Food

During our stay in the Kawarthas, we ate well, as we always do, celebrating that great pleasure in life. When stressed as I live my life in the big city, I find cooking and baking relaxes me. Up there, time slows, and still there is such pleasure to be taken from planning, preparing and serving food to people we love.

Twenty minutes drive away from the cottage is this blog's favourite bakery, Apsley Country Bakery (famed in my circle for its hippy, three-seed, grain and other breads). They're now making croissants! Reading on the excellent website, which now features well-illustrated information on the building of the bread oven, the maintaining of it, and more, I see that these are sourdough croissants and that there are wonderful pictures describing the process of making them. To my mind, they're real country croissants, with more chew and flavour in them than usual, and totally addictive.

One of the croissants is shown top left, of course. The rest of the images give an idea of how well we ate during our vacation. There was also M's always-wonderful tiramisu and lemon-blueberry pancakes with wild berries picked off the uninhabited island opposite. Visiting it always makes me think of Swallows and Amazons.

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