Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kawarthas, 2013

The vacation started with 10 days in the Kawarthas, and this blog's favourite cottage. After an iffy weather start to July in Toronto, we lucked out in non-stop hot, sunny days on the lake, until the very end when we witnessed a huge storm... always very exciting.

Dragonflies are a blog favourite. It seems my toes are a favourite with dragonflies. Please excuse the extreme close up of my toes, which surely no-one needs to see. And - hey - do you have to do that on my beach towel??

The chipmunks were back, but not the smartest ones we've seen. They would peel a two-nut peanut shell, take one, and toss the other. Or maybe we've spoiled them? One day I got a lot of shots of a cute green caterpillar.

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