Thursday, August 15, 2013

Old and Good

Ugh. I've had this toiletry bag from Laura Ashley for nearly... 30 years! And honestly, this was the first year it really started to fray on the edges. It has been hauled on so many trips, lurked in so many hotel bathrooms, been stuffed into rough knapsacks, gym bags and - later on - nicer luggage, and has been completely perfect in every respect. It's waterproof inside and it's the perfect size. The zip has never failed.

I've looked online and instores. I don't see anything yet to replace it. Gulp. A girl needs her toiletries, and she needs the right bag. Like the right wallet, the right handbag, the right... umbrella, it has to be right. This is important, folks! Any suggested replacements?

/// UPDATE///
I bought this lovely bag from Vera Bradley. It goes nicely with the overnight bag. Thanks for the tip, Lady Cat!


Betsy Brock said...

I recognize that pattern! Thistle is it's name! ha. I had a few items in it but not that cosmetic bag. Good luck finding the right replacement...I has to be just right!

LadyCat said...

Try Vera Bradley. They have some lovely designs and all sizes.

G said...

Yes, "thistle"! That takes me back. :)

G said...

Lady Cat, I'd never even heard of Vera Bradley! I'm going to order one today. Thanks for the tip. :)