Sunday, August 11, 2013


My holiday this year really was a time to refresh, replenish and recharge. Pleasure and curiosity were satisfied, friends were hugged, sights were seen, and I breathed deeply. I didn't paint walls or stuff like that. But... I did take two and a half days and purge my ENTIRE HOME. Granted, this isn't saying that much as my home isn't large, but... still... it was needed.

As you might imagine, things got worse before they got better, as I pulled books off shelves and emptied out drawers. I find the experience necessary and cleansing, perhaps every couple of years. I didn't document the process photographically, but I do wish I'd taken one shot of the six huge bags of stuff I donated. It was a good feeling. What I did document, because I was literally laughing out loud, was what I found in my linen cupboard.

I'm one of those who likes to put new soap in the cupboard, unwrapped, so that the pillowcases and towels become sweetly scented with my two favourite soaps: lemon verbena and lavender. But, the linen cupboard is pretty full, and soaps had slipped around and behind, and, taking everything out, I was delighted to discover I won't have to buy soap for quite a while.

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