Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Stratford Weekend

One visit wasn't enough this fall, so I headed back to Stratford for two more plays, a lot of good food, in the best company. I'd always wanted to stay in the As You Like It Motel because... well, I hardly need to spell it out: it's called As You Like It! How sweetly saucy is that? It's an older establishment, spotless and so friendly. As You Like It - we'll be back, because it is... exactly how we like it!

Down the Street Bar and Restaurant is a popular hangout, but we were lucky to arrive for lunch a bit late, only to eat the BEST BURGER EVER. I can't say enough!

We visited Gerard Brender à Brandis's studio. Gerard is always fascinating to talk to - a charming and talented man, one of Canada's most accomplished wood engravers.

Okay, I'd eaten downstairs at Pazzo's before, where they have their delicious pizza ovens, but this time we ate upstairs in the more up-market taverna, sat in big leather wing chairs, in perfect comfort. We shared the most buttery, dripping bruschetta, laden with crab meat. M had the delicious lobster bisque and I had pasta. We didn't want to move... ever. The current plan is to move to Stratford so we can eat at Pazzo's EVERY Friday night.

We bought the official bags of swan food and had fun with the swans and quackies on Lake Victoria. The black swans are from Australia. There are heaps of white swans, and we saw two grey teenage swans (I guess). The one in the middle was very boldly interested in my swan food. Oh haiiiiii.

 And remember the cats of Watson's Bazaar? They're all still alive, a little fatter, but two of the four now live elsewhere as apparently they were being a little naughty... not the sort of behaviour that goes down well in a china shop. And speaking of china, I could go mad in this place! So much lovely stuff to buy! P.S. The website says "Come visit our cats!"

As for the plays we saw? More on that in another post.

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