Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Diner en Blanc

My camera and I were once again not great friends on the evening of Diner en Blanc, so there aren't a lot of pics, but it was a fun evening. This was last year, where I describe how it all works. This year, 1600 people gathered for a night of good food, great company and gorgeous white outfits.

I approached Rene Falcon of Urban Hats and she made me a lovely fascinator for the evening. It's light and voluminous. Rene is a charming woman who is often to be found in the St. Lawrence Market with her glamorous hats, fascinators and cocktail hats. Need a special event piece? I recommend Rene!


Betsy Brock said...

I love white. You look gorgeous! What a fun dinner...yum!

G said...

It was such a great time. There is something about that sea of people that is enchanting.