Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recent Pics

Rather like this sweet corgi, I enjoyed having things on my head. The green hat was for a fantastic Havana-inspired "Lime and Linen" party. So many lovely things to look at and eat. Again, like Diner en Blanc, if you give people a colour direction, it makes for some amazing visuals. I had to buy the boater for this summer as it looks saucy and was on sale for $11!

My 'hood is getting better each day. So much construction is driving us all slightly nuts, but it'll be amazing when Front Street is resurfaced and the recent condos are done.

I dulled the drilling noises with flowers.

A fabulous woman knitted me socks for my birthday!

A local wine shop showed some wit.


phil said...

A hat-full of G


G said...

Remembering to turn it upside down if it starts raining pennies from heaven.