Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some Reading

The old reading mojo is in full force. I enjoyed late summer days reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, where Tom Hanks Robert Langdon chases all over Washington, DC in search of something or other. Such fun! Perfect beach reading.

Then I ploughed through Anne Rice's Cry to Heaven, an epic account of the lives of two castrati. I was caught up in the fantastic detail and compelling portraits of two very different men, whose lives intertwine. I came to care for these characters so much.

The Picture of Dorian Grey was a sort of one-off book club project for the cottage trip. We all read it. We discussed it. I think the feelings were mutual. The purple prose, the epigram-laden pages, became a bit too much. What I loved in the brief but sentimental stories by Wilde that I read as a child, don't translate so well for me as an adult.

Now, it's Jane Austen time, as I'm reading not only all six novels, but some supporting material too.

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