Monday, November 11, 2013

Prince Edward County Visit, Part I

The height of fall colours is always a splendid sight in Ontario. But there's also a time just beyond their peak, when most of the leaves have fallen but for a few glowing yellow ones. The crowds of day trippers are mostly gone and the melancholy of a leafless November has not quite settled in. It was during this in-between time that four of us gathered for a weekend at the lakeside cottage of a friend in Prince Edward County, a part of Ontario I hadn't visited in decades.

My number one bliss - a fireplace - was evident when we arrived late on Friday night. That made me so happy. To sit and watch the flames, to poke it a little, to marvel at it... to think of the effect fire must have had on our ancestors, and to wonder at what a gift it was: light, warmth, weapon, cooking means. I can sit and gaze into a fire for hours.

I'd like to use my fire-addled brain as an excuse for me losing at chess!

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