Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prince Edward County Visit, Part II

The first day of touring around was cold and wet. Luckily we were just in and out of the car, and warming ourselves with tastings of wine, cheese and beer.

Black River Cheese
produced Canada's best three years old plus cheddar cheese at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, for their five-year-old.

We wandered bravely at Sand Banks Provincial Park (above) now closed for the season. I love this blustery, dramatic scenery.

The next day dawned sunny and colder. Very sunny (see left!). Very blue skies, which belied the nip in the air.

Our host had talked about Lake on the Mountain but it was even more spectacular than I imagined (see below). On one side of the road, you look nearly 62 metres down the Prince Edward Escarpment to the Bay of Quinte and, in the first picture, you can see the Glenora Ferry. On the other side of the road sits a road-level lake (second picture). It's a bit of a mystery, but the most common theory is that "it is a collapsed doline, an odd feature found in areas with limestone rock foundations." Also odd is that it has a constant flow of clean, fresh water but has no apparent water source. The local Mohawk called it Onokenoga, or Lake of the Gods. It's very still and feels quite magical. A nearby inn gives a picturesque opportunity to enjoy this site for longer than we did, but I believe it had just closed for the season.

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