Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prince Edward County Visit, Part III

We hit the Cheddar and Ale Trail of the Bay of Quinte. Between wineries, breweries, cideries and cheese makers... we covered off most of the necessary food groups. Actually one of the wineries carried locally made chocolate, so... yes, all food groups ticked off. And several Christmas presents too!

The County Cider Company had lovely views across their orchards and the cider was amazing! A nearby apple stall had types of apples I'd never even heard of before. Apples are wonderful.

Vickie's Veggies... definitely worth a visit, and luckily for our host, it's just down the street from his cottage.

Looking up... at winery grapes...

... and lunch at the lovely Waupoos Winery.

The first building is the Gazebo Restaurant, filled with light, olive trees and a view of the lake and the vineyards. The next building is the store, and they had some amazing Belleville chocolate. More on that in a post closer to Christmas!

The bluer the sky got, the colder the weather. Even the short walk from the was chilling. But... we had a delicious lunch and warmed up thoroughly.

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