Monday, November 11, 2013

Recent Food

It's not the most amazing picture, but this moist, graunlar, not-too-sweet brownie at The Hot House was the perfect finishing touch on Thanksgiving Dinner (yes, we ate out). I'm still thinking about it.

Dinner at the beautiful condo with the step-down living room featured tender Italian tuna steaks. I provided dessert, a new cocoa-infused panna cotta recipe, but the cheeky monkeys wouldn't release from their ramekins, so I just dolloped the whipped cream, raspberry/kirsch coulis and chocolate shavings on top. Yum. And check out that cute espresso cup!

On a Sunday drive to Elora (saw the first snow - ugh), we stopped at a pub. I had a shamrocked bedecked Guinness... and almost enough gravy to sink the Titanic.

Cold nights = warm nights indoors. This lamb shoulder from The Healthy Butcher came out fork tender and fragrant with Persian-inspired spices. It went pretty fast.

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