Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We will talk about this winter a different way from the last few. I've been slightly creeped out by how mild the last few years have been - be creeped out no more BPG!

Some of you may have heard of our ice storm that happened just before Christmas. It left many in our city without power for days, some over a week. Some wit tweeting online as "God" thundered (as much as anyone can in a tweet), "Toronto, do I even have to tell you why you're being punished?" Ha ha. Yes, our dreadful mayor is still around, but stripped of many of his powers, thank God for that at least.

I don't have a great mind for matching years to events, but I do recall thinking as 2012 wrapped up that it had been an excellent year, and I hoped 2013 would be as least as good. It was better, and so all I can do now is hope that 2014 is as good as either of those years. I will bring as much of my energy to play as I can to make it happen.

Anyway... a Happy New Year to all! May you be loved, warmed and delighted in 2014.